Now we find ourselves in an unexpected predicament. What do you do when the medical profession tells you one thing and your soul tells you another? Who comes up with these statistics anyway? Why is it that doctors feel obliged to tell patients “only 3 months to live” “70% chance of success” “50% chance of death”? They are not divine. Apparently they missed the research on will power.

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Bunny on the Mend

One of our male bunnies began to appear ill a few weeks ago. A young friend of mine, who also raises rabbits, pointed out to me that he had a runny nose and appeared to have loose stools. Her suggestion was a tiny bit of Benadryl. I wanted to see if it resolved itself, so I didn’t do anything differently. Over the next couple days, the left side of his face began to swell. It appeared as though he had something stuffed in his cheek. I couldn’t detect any abrasions and suspected that he could have injured himself by chewing on his wire cage. We also have rats periodically due to the rabbit food and a nearby compost pile. I wondered if maybe a rat bit him. At that time I gave him a bit of Benadryl to see if it would help with the swelling. It did not seem to make a difference and over the next few days he began to hold his head cocked to the side. This continued to get worse until he was turned so far constantly that he seemed to have issue eating. I fed him hay and lettuces for over a week because he didn’t seem to be eating any pellets. It was so bad and he seemed so confused or maybe dizzy that we considered putting him down. We waited it out a few more days and he gradually began to straighten out. Now he is holding his head level again, eating pellets, and the swelling has gone down most of the way to normal. We still don’t know what happened to him, but we are glad he is doing better. He really is a lovely rabbit with a good disposition.

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Time to Move on?

Yesterday, through a series of interesting events, I found myself in a private strategy meeting with U.S. Senator Rand Paul in Scottsdale, AZ. I was so elated at the opportunity that I had not thought about what I could contribute prior to the meeting. The Senator began with a brief speech that was not different from what you would hear on a news interview segment. It then switched to a question and answer session.

I noticed a common theme in the questions that were asked. They all began with some form or other of, “I worked on your dad’s campaign….I was a Delegate for you dad…Your dad took this pledge…Your dad held this principle.” A realization struck me. It must be awful to live in the shadow of someone else. I had a question of my own brewing in my head, but now I needed to figure out how I would phrase it. I too was a Delegate for Congressman Paul, I too worked on his campaign, I too was as big a fan as anyone else in the room.

When it came to my turn I decided to phrase my statement as, “Senator, you have discussed many topics here today, but I would like to hear more of your thoughts on Common Core and the unConstitutional U.S. Department of Education.” My heart thumped wildly in my chest and I had to conciously tell myself to breathe deeply while the Senator held his gaze solidly at me as he explained his opinion. I enjoyed his answer and felt he was quite sincere in his sentiment.

After the meeting this brought me to ponder some things. Many supporters of Congressman Ron Paul want Sen. Rand Paul to be his father. Their only regard to the junior is how he stacks up by the standard of the senior.

Guess what folks? The Ron Paul show is over! He continues to do great work outside his own political arena, however he is no longer in office and there is no indication that he will attempt to gain another position in office. We would all do a great service to ourselves to switch gears and begin to view the junior on his own merits. Ron Paul could be considered a purist, this is why many are attracted to him. This approach never got him very far politically, but it truly helped lay the groundwork for a future movement toward liberty. Let us appreciate the ability of Sen. Paul to garner support from a much larger population. I will be switching gears in an effort to look forward at our potential rather than looking back at what should have been.

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What causes excitement? My heart beats faster, I feel jittery, cannot get to sleep. I am eager for the next day. How is it that certain ideas and thoughts can trigger all these things in us? I am sure there is some sort of psychological explanation, but for now I will just be excited.

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Blood is Thicker than Water?

I grew up with this phrase, “Blood is thicker than water.” I always felt guilty when there was some family member that i wasn’t fuzzy about. I would think, “If it weren’t for us being related, I wouldn’t even associate with you.” Is that wrong?

Here is my hope. My children will love us for who we are and how we have treated them. We were loving, caring, supportive. We built them up. We were not harsh or punitive. We encouraged their endeavours. It is my hope that our children will want to be associated with us and want to be around us. They will not be bound by some strange bloodline, but rather by merit.

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Horrible Implications in Children’s Literature

Through extensive reading, the goals of mass education have become quite clear to me. The primary goal being behavior modification. This disgusts me to no end. As my children love books we make regular trips to the local library where they bring home stacks of new books. Sometimes I am shocked by the content. Today was one of those days.

Clark The Shark by Bruce Hale

Clark is a rambunctious shark who loves life, loves his friends, and loves school. Unfortunately, the author believes that he loves these things too much. The story progresses through a series of events that leads to Clark learning to tone down his behavior in order to fit in according to the ideal of the teacher.

What are we telling kids? Your passion, your individuality…you…are not acceptable. You need to tone it down to make things easy on your teacher. You need to change in order to fit within the standards.

Shame on the author.

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The New Year

Despite the adversity we faced in 2013, it was a good year! Both my children were healthy and strong, learning and growing every day. My husband and I continue to grow together and passed our 12th year together. I met new friends in liberty. Had my first public speaking engagement. Found my passion and calling in life!…and learned more about the heart than I ever thought I would need to know.

With 2013 behind us I look eagerly forward to 2014. I see new opportunities and new challenges in the coming year. I resolve to overcome my medical problems and pursue my calling with full steam ahead!

Peace and love to you all in 2014!

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