Time to Move on?

Yesterday, through a series of interesting events, I found myself in a private strategy meeting with U.S. Senator Rand Paul in Scottsdale, AZ. I was so elated at the opportunity that I had not thought about what I could contribute prior to the meeting. The Senator began with a brief speech that was not different from what you would hear on a news interview segment. It then switched to a question and answer session.

I noticed a common theme in the questions that were asked. They all began with some form or other of, “I worked on your dad’s campaign….I was a Delegate for you dad…Your dad took this pledge…Your dad held this principle.” A realization struck me. It must be awful to live in the shadow of someone else. I had a question of my own brewing in my head, but now I needed to figure out how I would phrase it. I too was a Delegate for Congressman Paul, I too worked on his campaign, I too was as big a fan as anyone else in the room.

When it came to my turn I decided to phrase my statement as, “Senator, you have discussed many topics here today, but I would like to hear more of your thoughts on Common Core and the unConstitutional U.S. Department of Education.” My heart thumped wildly in my chest and I had to conciously tell myself to breathe deeply while the Senator held his gaze solidly at me as he explained his opinion. I enjoyed his answer and felt he was quite sincere in his sentiment.

After the meeting this brought me to ponder some things. Many supporters of Congressman Ron Paul want Sen. Rand Paul to be his father. Their only regard to the junior is how he stacks up by the standard of the senior.

Guess what folks? The Ron Paul show is over! He continues to do great work outside his own political arena, however he is no longer in office and there is no indication that he will attempt to gain another position in office. We would all do a great service to ourselves to switch gears and begin to view the junior on his own merits. Ron Paul could be considered a purist, this is why many are attracted to him. This approach never got him very far politically, but it truly helped lay the groundwork for a future movement toward liberty. Let us appreciate the ability of Sen. Paul to garner support from a much larger population. I will be switching gears in an effort to look forward at our potential rather than looking back at what should have been.

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