Bunny on the Mend

One of our male bunnies began to appear ill a few weeks ago. A young friend of mine, who also raises rabbits, pointed out to me that he had a runny nose and appeared to have loose stools. Her suggestion was a tiny bit of Benadryl. I wanted to see if it resolved itself, so I didn’t do anything differently. Over the next couple days, the left side of his face began to swell. It appeared as though he had something stuffed in his cheek. I couldn’t detect any abrasions and suspected that he could have injured himself by chewing on his wire cage. We also have rats periodically due to the rabbit food and a nearby compost pile. I wondered if maybe a rat bit him. At that time I gave him a bit of Benadryl to see if it would help with the swelling. It did not seem to make a difference and over the next few days he began to hold his head cocked to the side. This continued to get worse until he was turned so far constantly that he seemed to have issue eating. I fed him hay and lettuces for over a week because he didn’t seem to be eating any pellets. It was so bad and he seemed so confused or maybe dizzy that we considered putting him down. We waited it out a few more days and he gradually began to straighten out. Now he is holding his head level again, eating pellets, and the swelling has gone down most of the way to normal. We still don’t know what happened to him, but we are glad he is doing better. He really is a lovely rabbit with a good disposition.

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