Horrible Implications in Children’s Literature

Through extensive reading, the goals of mass education have become quite clear to me. The primary goal being behavior modification. This disgusts me to no end. As my children love books we make regular trips to the local library where they bring home stacks of new books. Sometimes I am shocked by the content. Today was one of those days.

Clark The Shark by Bruce Hale

Clark is a rambunctious shark who loves life, loves his friends, and loves school. Unfortunately, the author believes that he loves these things too much. The story progresses through a series of events that leads to Clark learning to tone down his behavior in order to fit in according to the ideal of the teacher.

What are we telling kids? Your passion, your individuality…you…are not acceptable. You need to tone it down to make things easy on your teacher. You need to change in order to fit within the standards.

Shame on the author.

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